About Us

Razor Technologies enables safeguard methods to access identities, data, devices and applications by protecting our clients’ most valuable resources. We help companies minimize risk, protect assets, and reduce operational expense by safeguarding access to information.

Razor Technologies simplifies the design, deployment, monitoring, and management of all your enterprises assets in a secure and affordable way for the most demanding of enterprises.

Our Process

Security is a critical component of the quality of service your organization provides. It is because of this that Razor Technologies treats information security no different than any of your other service quality initiatives, as a continuous improvement process.

We help clients mitigate risk and protect information assets through the practical application of security solutions. Each and every solution we deliver brings with it measurable and long-lasting business value and return on investment. We assist organizations all over the world, and help implement and maintain information security measures that not only limit risk, but heighten the quality of products, services, and solutions they provide their customers. We realize the importance security has on brand perception, customer acquisition and retention – and takes every step to ensure your secure infrastructure is always a competitive advantage, never a vulnerability.

Razor Technologies employs best practice quality management tools and techniques – proven across many industries – to improve, strengthen, and bring efficiencies to global organizations security posture.


  • RAZOR Technologies CORP. partners with Red Hat., May 2018
  • RAZOR Technologies CORP. partners with COMODO Certificate Authority Limited., April 2018
  • RAZOR Technologies CORP. partners with Entrust Datacard., March 2018
  • RAZOR Technologies CORP. partners with CSS-Security Inc., November 2017
  • Mansoor Khan joins RAZOR Technologies CORP. as CISO, August 2017
  • Walid Saab joins RAZOR Technologies CORP. as CIO, August 2017