PKI Professional Services

Protect your employees, clients, and intellectual property

Razor Technologies and its elite team of PKI experts have been at the forefront in designing, developing, delivering, managing and maintaining Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) that provide the foundation on which to enable an organization to work both effectively and securely. We have a history of successfully implementing, upgrading and supporting PKI solutions for large retailers, financial institutions and governments. 

With an effective PKI, organizations have the ability to increase the productivity without sacrificing security. Digital certificates can be used to authenticate devices to the network and allows users to connect securely from anywhere in the world. 

Razor Technologies provides a range of professional services to help organizations leverage the capabilities and features in a range of architectures and assurance levels to meet their enterprise business goals.

Enterprise PKI Services

  • PKI Readiness Assessment
  • PKI Health Check
  • PKI Design & Implementation
  • PKI Managed Services
  • PKI Integration
  • PKI Support


PKI Solution Design and Implementation

Based on define business objective and requirements Razor Technologies will design and implement the policy, process, procedures and technology to instantiate a PKI. This includes key activities and deliverables such as a root key ceremony, certificate policy and certificate practice statements (CP/CPS), solution and security architecture documents as well as build books and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

PKI Current State Assessment

Working alongside with your current PKI staff and administrators we will review the processes, procedures, architecture and configuration of your PKI solution, including hardware security modules (HSMs), and provide you with a detailed report outlining any deficiencies discovered and the recommended changes to remediate these findings.

PKI Integration, Upgrades, Migrations, Decommissioning

Based on the individual needs of the organization, our team can assist in upgrades or migrations off of their current solution in order to take advantage of new hardware and software features. Use cases also include migrating from one vendor to another to decrease cost and complexity while enhancing integration and availability. With each upgrade or migration, care must be taken to create a process and procedure to decommission the legacy system once it is no longer required. Razor Technologies can assist you with ensuring crypto keys are zeroized and sensitive data is destroyed in parallel to ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.